pipeline oilfield friendly campgroundFinding a good place to call home while on the road is so important to us.  We have found that it isn't easy, but when we can find just the right spot it makes all the difference in how we feel about working in an area.  I will be doing individual campground reviews of the places we stay and will include a "pipeline/oilfield friendly rating."  I hope this will be a good reference for our pipeline/oilfrield family as well as any campground/RV park owners that are looking to be more appealing to us. 1-5 stars. 1 being the worst and 5 being the cream of the crop.  This rating will depend on a combination of the following.


What we look for in a pipleine/oilfield friendly campground or RV park:

• Same treatment - we don't need special we just need for you to keep your judgement to yourselves.  This is my #1 biggest turn off.

• Same prices - this is actually illegal, but it happens.  If I call ahead and ask for price and then show up and it is different I will leave.

• Understanding/policies that work well with our lifestyle.  No month in advance to notify of us leaving or no refund of monthly rate when a layoff happens 2 days into a new months rent.  I see that it is your policy, but when you fill the spot the day after we leave that is just greed.  Offer some type of refund. Be upfront. Be fair.  Month to month (no contract) works best with a week grace on monthly rent.

• Large spots.  Many of us have 40ft. fifth wheels with 2 large trucks.  Some even tow cargo trailers.

• Full hook-ups (water, sewer, electric (50 & 30 amp))

• Open year round and prepared for it.  Gravel, heated or covered water, etc.

• No extra fees for families of 4 (at min.)

• Any electrical or water shut off should be given 24 hours notice whenever possible.  Families who travel have kids and homeschool and the ones who travel solo may have pets inside and wouldn't be aware to leave windows open or have someone check on their rig while they are at work 10+ hours a day.

• Accept mail (packages and letters)

• A place for the kids to play

Bonus Points

•Propane fill


• Fire rings & picnic table

• Late/early office hours

Brownie points

Know of good local dry cleaners (who starch), camper repair, and good eats.