IMG_8166 Austin and I have owned 4 campers.  Our current camper Grapsie is our second "home on wheels" that we purchased specifically for living out of and not for camping.  We purchased this Open Range 424rls new in February 2013.  I can't say we got it all right this time, but we are the closest we have ever been.  Considering some of my complaints are things that no camper EVER could solve I would say we are content.  It is large and homey.  We love it and have felt very blessed to call it our full-time home for the last 2 years.


Since we bought this RV new I haven't done anything crazy to change the interior.  I would love to, but not knowing our future plans with it I want to be able to resale it if that is something we decide to do.  I have done a couple things to make it more like home and still have a couple plans for the future.  Here is where I talk all about camper living and the crazy pipeline life that keeps us on the road.


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