Austin - PA pipeline The Welder. Austin. A Ross Welding. Akie if you know him really well.                 This is my husband.  He is the welder around here.


His job is what takes us on the road.


If he gets to choose what he does, he will pick chasing pipelines every time.  He loves what he does and I love that about him.  Most would label him as a "workaholic," but to him it isn't really work.  He basically defines, "if you love what you do you won't work a day in your life."


He is equally obsessed with our corgi, Paisley and is perfectly fine with us treating her like our child. Austin is your average down home country kid when he is home. He likes 4-wheelers, guns, and lifted trucks. He serves the Lord and loves his family. His dreams are big, but his faith is bigger.  He is my type of guy.


The best.   I know you will think so too.