IMG_1194 Here it is.  The Welder's pride and joy.  His baby.  The love of his life. Her.

The only other woman he can be in love with besides me. And Miranda Lambert.














This is Austin's third welding rig and the second custom welding bed he has built. It is a 2013 Dodge 3500 with a custom "pipeline style" bed.  He  has 35 Nittos and a 6" lift on it.  The bed is simple, clean, and low profile.  It matches the cab and has a place for just about everything.  He currently welds with a SAE 300.



His first welding rig was the "95"  we still have her around and probably always will.  She is our next project after the farmhouse.  She is a 1995 Dodge 3500 12V.  Austin's first baby and my favorite truck we own.  We have many memories in that truck and it is where Austin got his start.  We have big plans for her.


His second rig was a 2006 Dodge 3500. "White Dodge" was with him for a couple years.  The first bed he built was for this truck in 2012.  He was hooked after that and knew he would have to build at least a couple more.

Estes Park, CO 2012



One thing he always gets right is lounge space.  If you are interested in a bed you can contact me here.  We believe in naps and slick rigs. Amen.